Bonnie Branch

Ms. Bonnie Participant

Food Assistance ~ Groceries on Wheels first came to interview me for assistance my husband had just passed away after being sick for some time. I do not drive and I was raising two mentally challenged grandchildren. I really needed the extra assistance with food, but more I needed someone to listen and help me work through the grief. My volunteers came when I really needed them. Gwen and Scott really care and listen. Gwen knows how to listen (woman to woman) and helps me explore my options. The food is wonderful but my volunteers are more valuable than the food. She always calls me during the month and asked how I am doing and what she can bring to help me.

The recipes and health information have also helped me learn to cook and look at my overall health needs. My husband always did all the cooking before but now I am learning. The recipes really help me feel that I can. I received a lamb roast and had never cooked one. So Gwen told me how to cook it and I shared it with one of my disabled neighbors. I had received so much help, that I felt like I needed to help someone else. I have hope that my volunteers will continue… they are very appreciated.

June 2008

Gwen Fagerberg

Gwen/Scott Fagerberg (volunteers)

My husband Scott and I began volunteering with Food Services in February of 2006, and we soon discovered that we receive much more than we deliver each month. We have developed friendships with the five wonderful people we visit, and we could not imagine our lives without them. Our seven-year-old daughter Emma accompanies us on our visits, and she absolutely loves all of our "extended family". Now that Scott is serving with the National Guard, Emma and I make our visits alone, and with his absence it makes these very special people all the more valuable in our lives. Bonnie is one of the people we visit each month. She is truly a remarkable woman, sacrificing so much to raise her grandchildren and provide them with the best possible home. We are blessed each time that we visit Bonnie and our other recipients, and we can think of no better way to spend our time each month than in the company of our wonderful friends.

Gwen, Scott, and Emma Fagerberg

September 2008

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