The Burcham Family
Jerome, Shannon, Allyson, Grace, and Olivia

The Burcham Family

I wanted to share a few things about why the Food Assistance Program is important to me and my family.

I have been a volunteer for about 6-7 years. I believe I was pregnant or had just had my second daughter Grace. I was looking for a way to get my children involved in community outreach. Since they were so small, I thought this program would be a wonderful way to start. I know senior citizens love children and rarely get to see them. I started out with 3 ladies. Since then, one of our ladies had to go to a nursing home and one passed away. I still have one of my original ladies, Mrs. Harriet Stamps whom my family loves dearly. She loves to quilt and she made our family a quilt (with our names hand stitched on it) in 2005. It is very special to me. I have to say we feel like we have extended family. Since that time I have added Ms. Liz Demperio. She is also very dear to us. A lot of these people get to see their family very rarely if any. I want them to feel like if they need me, I am just a phone call away. I make ice cream runs for Mrs. Harriet, pick up prescriptions, pray with them or whatever they need.

My girls have grown up with Mrs. Harriet and now Ms. Liz and look forward to seeing them each month.

Jane has been a wonderful part of Food Assistance. She is a wonderful asset to this program and has such a heart for this outreach.

Thank you for allowing our family to play a part in reaching out to others in need in our community. Food Assistance is truly a blessing.

Warehouse Address:
3720-A Alliance Drive
Greensboro,  NC  27407-2391
Mailing Address:
102 Kirk Road
Greensboro,  NC  27455-1715
Phone: 336-988-8899
Email: foodassistance@hotmail.com
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