A Christmas Miracle/A Christmas Valentine

A Christmas Miracle

One Saturday per month, a friend (Van Burbach) and I (Bob Schultz) volunteer to deliver food to needy people through the Food Assistance – Groceries on Wheels program. We are often asked to deliver food to people when their regular volunteers are not able to do so. On Christmas Eve, 2009, we were out delivering groceries to several individuals in High Point. We came to the last house on our list, the home of Mrs. Catherine. Standing at the door, we could see a gap between the door and the doorframe big enough to see through, and there was no doorknob. The hole where the doorknob should be had a rag stuck in it to keep the cold out. The door could not be locked, and this was not a safe neighborhood. When we were invited in with the groceries, we met Mrs. Catherine, her sister, Annie, and Mrs. Catherine’s six-month-old granddaughter, Gracie. We were told that both of Gracie’s parents were in jail, and Mrs. Catherine had nothing to provide for the child, so the groceries were a real blessing.

We continued to talk, asking what other needs they had that we could pray for. We found that Mrs. Catherine had no heat in her bedroom, and there were problems with all the doors and windows. Some had only plastic keeping the cold wind out. The house was not up to code, so she could not get help. She also had no baby food, baby clothes, or diapers. Van, my wife, Mary, and I were able to purchase some of these things for Gracie, and we delivered them on the day after Christmas. Mrs. Catherine said they were the only Christmas presents Gracie had gotten. Mrs. Catherine still had some real needs, but there were limits to our resources, so we prayed to the one whose resources are limitless.

Soon afterward, I went to an alumni meeting for the High Point Police Citizens Academy, and I mentioned Mrs. Catherine’s needs. I met a woman who works at City Hall, who invited me to come to City Hall the next morning. She introduced me to the man who is over the repair division of the High Point Housing Authority. I explained the situation to him and he said he would look into it. Later that day, he called me to tell me he found a working file on Mrs. Catherine’s house and that an inspector would be at her house the next day. I met the inspector at the house and he showed me the file. It was over an inch thick and contained everything Mrs. Catherine needed repaired.

Mrs. Catherine and her granddaughter Gracie will be put up in a new hotel for 2-3 weeks while the work is being done to her home. It is all going to be taken care of and it won’t cost Mrs. Catherine one cent. What an answer to prayer! God already had everything lined up to take care of Mrs. Catherine’s needs; all he needed was someone to be available and obedient in order to get the wheels turning. Isn’t that just like God?

Bob Schultz
February 13, 2010

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