Gloria McLendon

This is a testimonial about how God uses an event to change the lives of the people involved and a community far more that you could ever anticipate.

I received a call this week from Gloria and she seemed confused and stressed.  She is one of our delivery senior participants (70 years old) and has been with Food Assistance, Inc. (FAI) ~ Groceries on Wheels for a year. She said, "I really hate to bother you, but could I get a little extra food assistance?" I said that yes, I could help her and when would she be home and what items would she like?  She said, "around 5:30pm and vegetables only, I cannot eat meats."

I arrived at her place around 5:30pm and when she opened the door the heat almost knocked me down.  She was disheveled and the apartment was messy and the windows were shut, not what I remembered about her when I interviewed her a year earlier. I said Gloria, what is wrong?  She said I need some medication for my ankle, but I don't know how I will get it.  I said let's go get your medicine. Her ankle was 3 times its normal size. We got in the car and on the drive over; I started asking her the story. She was eating a can of fruit that I had brought while she shared.

Two days before she had gone to Health Serve to get some medical attention for the ankle and someone had taken her social security money (for the month) from her purse. She said I am so shaken that I do not know what to do! I cannot pay my rent, or my energy bill (which is behind), I could not buy any food, so I have had almost nothing to eat for 2 days. She had gone to the bank and gotten her account set up to deposit her social security check directly, but this month’s money was gone. While we were waiting for the prescription to be filled, I was praying and I heard the Holy Spirit say to me "She has cried out to Me and I am answering her cry." I turned to her and said, "Gloria, God is going to answer the cry of your heart, your rent, your electric bill and all will be taken care of. Just rest, it is done."

When we got back to her apartment, I said why is your apart-ment 90 degrees?  She said I asked for it to be repaired but I have had nothing but problems with it for months. I told her to go to the apartment management (it was 7:00pm at night) and told her what to do. She said you are the only one who has told me what to do and helped me. I also ask her about having no bed. She said that she could not afford to purchase the rental and it had been reposed. So she has been sleeping on the love sofa under the vent (blowing hot air).

The following day, I arrived with more food that she could eat purchased from the store. The apartment management had given her a hard time about the form of rent payment but had come and put coolant in the air-conditioning; it had none, and told her to set it at 72. She was freezing; we adjusted it. We went to the office and I paid the check for the rent, again she was reprimanded about the windows!  In returning to her apartment; we worked on making sure that the vents were working properly.  As I prayed for Gloria, He (God) gave me the instructions and directions for the provision, for He is good and wants to bless His children and use them in the process. Ministry (service) is all around us, if we but open our ears to hear and our eyes to see. One of the things God has said is that He is breaking the stronghold of racism from our community and it starts with building healthy relationships one at a time, confessing and repenting for the sins of the fathers and praying for those who abuse and miss use us.  As we prayed together walls, divisions and a stronghold were being destroyed and the gates of Heaven were being opened! Gloria has continually praised God through this whole ordeal and all that she asked for was a little food… look what the Lord has done!

Jane Y. Carlson
Executive Director Food Assistance Inc.

Notes: Name used with her permission. The past due electric bill has been paid and FAI is working on getting her a bed and eating table. Many thanks to those who shared financially from a heart of compassion upon hearing only part of the story. "He who is precious to a poor man lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his good deed." (Proverbs 19:17) "He who gives to the poor will never want, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses." (Proverbs 28:27)

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