The Greiner Family

Allison Greiner

I have volunteered with Food Assistance for three years now. Going into this new volunteer role, I knew that I would be rewarded with the certainty that I was helping others in a very personal, tangible way but I had no idea how meaningful the relationships that I developed with the people that I visit each month would become.

When I joined the Food Assistance team, I was pregnant with my second child and this served as a bonding point between me and the folks I was serving. Matthew is now two and not a month goes by that my participants don't ask me how "the baby" is doing. One gentleman that I visit has even added a few toys to his living room in the event that my kids have joined me for deliveries. He shares my older son's love for trains and has shown deep concern for my younger boy's health issues.

All this is to say that these people are not just stops on a delivery route, but people who have shared their stories and listened to mine and have become a part of my life in a very unique way. Were it not for Food Assistance, I feel quite sure that I would have never crossed paths with any of these people, but I am so grateful that I have.

In volunteering for Food Assistance, I have received every bit as much as I have given and I am so glad to have the opportunity to serve through this incredible organization.

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