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Hal Sieber (80) passed away June 8, 2011 from heart problems.

A native of WeeHawken, NJ. Sieber was a former speechwriter for John F. Kennedy and also public relations director of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce from 1966-1973. His passion was recruiting black members to the Chamber. He wrote Holy Ground, A history of African Americans in Greensboro. He served as editor of Carolina Peacemaker. In 2002 he received the National Peace prize of St. Francis from the secular Franciscan Order of the USA. He was truly a catalyst of change.

I first met Hal Seiber on 6/07/07 when I went to his place for a Food Assistance interview. His African American wife had just died three weeks before. He was in great mourning but also celebrated her life. He had many health issues but still had a passion for change. Hal was an engaging conversationist and I stayed much longer with him than with others, because his stories were so facinating. When he went into assisted care, his volunteer was very concerned. Hal always had a way of making you feel very special and of great worth. He was totally a man of great vision and heart. We miss you already Hal.

Jane Y. Carlson, Executive Director - Food Assistance, Inc. “Groceries on Wheels”

Hal Sieber former Food Assistance Participant
Hal Sieber

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