Helmi Lind

Helmi Lind

In 1929, at the age of 18 years, Helmi immigrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Originally from Sweden, she settled in New York City where she acquired a job as a housekeeper. It was in this city that she met her late husband and began her journey as a wife, then mother, and finally an incredible member of the greater Greensboro, NC community where she and her family settled permanently. Now 103 years old, Helmi has received help with monthly groceries from Food Assistance, Inc. for a significant portion of her residence in Greensboro. In an interview with this treasured member of the community, Helmi shared that she has benefited greatly from the services offered by Food Assistance, Inc. She explained that while she appreciated the regular grocery delivery more than she could ever express, the development of her friendship with the founder of Food Assistance, Inc., Ms. Jane Carlson, has made the largest impact on her life. She regards Carlson as a faithful confidant and someone who she trusts very much. Food Assistance, Inc. has also “lightened the load” of daily duties that have become more difficult over the years, Helmi explains. Like many participants, Helmi considers Food Assistance, Inc. a blessing in her life that could never be replaced.

Testimonial taken by: UNCG Nutrition Department volunteers Lindsey Yemc and Dana Desilva

In memory of Helmi Lind who passed away in December of 2014

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