James Earl Bryant

We first met on the phone during the busiest part of the month during Saturday distribution. During May probably 30 people were in the warehouse with two new groups as the work teams. People were asking many questions usually at the same time, volunteers were arriving to pick up about 10:45A.and check-in and I answered the phone. On the phone was James was asking about the Groceries on Wheels. I was asking him a few basic questions. He said that he was a veteran. I ask what kind of support he was getting and then the answer that popped to the front. “I don’t get any help from my government.”

His in-home interview was a few days later. After a little going to the wrong address two doors down from James I finally arrived at my destination with only a few ‘recalculating” prompts on the GPS. James is a short man but is still spry and talkative at 67. His daughter had referred him to our program. We sat on the front porch under massive shade trees and I started to get to know him.

James served in Korea…welcome home! He was in the Army for 9 ½ years in the 3rd Infantry Division. He went in when he was 22 years old. He has 6 living children and one deceased. He is originally from Norfolk, Virginia. After he worked for the state department for 13 he had to take disability at 55 due to exposure to “agent orange” in Korea creating problems with his health. He says that arthritis and knee problem slow him down a bit but he still loves to fish.

Now he says his biggest battle is with his government charging him for health care, medicine and procedures. Because he could not pay the large medical bills it has damaged his credit. Seems to me like James has served his country and now needs their help with his health issues. Wounded warriors need to be cared for - for life.

Food Assistance is proud to serve this American warrior who defended and fought for America and served honorably.

Jane Y. Carlson 5.24.2014

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