Jessie Lee Howard

Well I first met Jessie over the phone in February 29, 2013. She was spry and talkative and said that she was being referred by Paula at the Shepherd Center. I explained that usually we do an in-home interview before someone is added. She said that she understood since she had worked in volunteer organizations a lot and understood that there are criteria and a correct way for things to go. You know how you just like someone instantly…Jessie is one of those people. Over the phone we had an instant bond as she reminded me of my grandmother with her strength of character and likeability. She was added to the program a year ago and has had several volunteers. Well today was our second meeting and some personal time together. Jessie has been one of my “cheerleaders” over the year. She calls every month and updates and cheers me on!

Jessie is 83 and will celebrate a birthday February 27 turning 84! When I ask her where she was born she said Colfax, NC and it is pronounced Cal-fax not Col-fax! We talked about how people moving into the area try to pronounce it a different way…but she said it is still Cal-fax with an “o” spelling. Jessie’s preacher husband Walter Vann has passed on in 2012 but she still speaks fondly of him.

I was greeted at the door by "Shikita" a poodle mix dog who was her husband’s dog but now her constant companion. Jessie was a specialty nurse in labor and delivery, she called it “incubator work”, for many years at Moses Cone/Wesley Long. She then worked with a community center and eventually the American Red Cross for 20 years.

Her home is now a little run down and overflowing with stuff because she is not able to deal with it…but she is fun to talk with and get to know. She has 2 children, a son who lives in Raleigh and a daughter who is a cancer survivor. She said that her biggest struggles are paying the electric bill and getting food. She is so grateful for the food each month and especially likes the frozen strawberries. She said that she is not a “beggar”, but “please bring some strawberries if possible.”

Jane Y Carlson 2.24.2014

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