Katie Mariategui

Katie Mariategui

In Peru, I will be working with Socios en Salud, which is the sister organization of Boston-based Partners In Health. PIH works to address the root causes of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria epidemics in several countries worldwide. I will be working in the northern barrios of Lima, which have been severely marginalized. My job will be with the Child Health program, and will consist of afterschool tutoring, training community health workers, and art lessons.

Working with Food Assistance has allowed me to gain experience in a community-based service organization. I will use the skills I have acquired here to help those in need in Peru.

Katie's Letter

I began working with Food Assistance in December of 2004. Having just begun college at UNCG, I wanted to get involved with local community service activities. I had only planned to help out at a workday in the warehouse during the Christmas break, but upon seeing the incredible operations and infectious compassion behind Food Assistance, I knew that I had to continue working with this organization.

Two of my college friends and I began bringing food to three elderly people in Greensboro. In the two years of my working with the organization, I gained another food recipient and lost both of my friends to graduation (but replaced them with another). I have formed a lasting friendship with one elderly participant, Edith Adkins. I treasure our relationship so much and often refer to her as my Greensboro Grandma. The other recipients are so pleasant to talk to, and I enjoy hearing their stories and memories while unpacking the groceries at their houses.

I have worked with Food Assistance for so long because I believe in the mission, and the strength of what Jane has created in the organization goes far beyond grocery delivery. I am helping one of our recipients to manage his credit card debt and have accompanied Edith on many lunches out and also to her husband’s grave. Food Assistance fosters a connection between the volunteer and food recipient that truly lasts and is an exemplary model of a successful community service organization.

Although I have graduated and moved on from Greensboro to Peru, I have kept in touch with the amazing people that I have had the honor of helping though Food Assistance. This was an unforgettable volunteering experience.

Katie Martiatequi
Graduate UNCG
July 9, 2007

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