Kenneth Laird

Dear Food Assistance and Jane Carlson,

I want to personally thank your organization for adding a new spirit of giving in my life. Food assistance has allowed me to realize just how blessed we are by God to live in a country where people care so much for those in need. Food Assistance has allowed me to see poverty, poor living conditions in a whole new light and forced me to appreciate what God has blessed me with on a new spiritual level.

My spirit of giving was motivated by the loss of a large income job about nine months ago. I felt compelled to understand my circumstances by helping others in need. I found your program online thru Angel Food Ministries. After my first meeting with you I wanted to get involved. Delivering food is now a monthly highlight as my nineyear old Autistic son and I go from home to home in High Point hugging, praying and shaking hands with those in need of food.

Over the Christmas Holiday my family and the Deep River Church of Christ (thru God's good graces) was able to aid one of the most needy on my delivery route. Christmas was completely bought for her grandchildren as well as much needed warm clothing. Another simple request was a big holiday ham which I was able to deliver on Christmas Eve. God has blessed me more than ever before and to Food Assistance I offer a sincere thank you.

Frank Hudson with Eric LairdKenneth Laird,
High Point, NC

Eric Laird with Mr. Frank
Hudson one of his favorites.

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