Lillie Mae JonesEllenor Shepherd

Lillie Mae Jones

Hi Jane,

I’m guessing that you saw Lillie Mae Jones’ obit in the paper this week. I attended her funeral yesterday and was so touched.

Lillie Mae was a special person. Dotte and I recognized that the day she opened her door and invited us in. From that moment on, we loved each other and we always expressed that before we left. Lillie Mae must have been a saint. At her funeral, someone who had known her all her life said they had never seen her angry and I believe that. She was a gentle giant – appreciative of the smallest offering; never complained [even when she suffered pain from her cancer]; loved God’s creation as her yard affirmed; sang and played the organ using her talents; and was always saying something nice to make you feel good.

I learned from those who gave eulogies that Lillie Mae and her husband were both gentle giants. They believed in education and saw that all of their children attended college. The children were beautiful, reflecting their parents’ spirit. She was revered by her church, having been an active and devoted servant during her time there.

Lillie Mae often admired the rings we wore, so last Christmas I gave her a ring as part of her gifts. She was so thrilled! I almost lost it when I viewed her before the service and saw that Elaine [her daughter] had placed “the ring” on her finger.

I feel so blessed to have known Lillie Mae. I am convinced our assignment was not a coincident but, instead, a “God- engineered encounter”. I quickly learned that my mission to take groceries to her was miniscule in comparison to what I received. Lillie Mae was, indeed, a special person. We dubbed her…A SAINT.

There will be a void in my life, but I am so grateful to have known Lillie Mae Jones, even if for a limited time. What a gift!  Thank you Jane for your role in placing us with such a dear and wonderful client who instantly became …a friend.

Ellenor Shepherd
April 19, 2012

GREENSBORO — Lillie Mae Rankin Jones quietly went home to be with her Lord Thursday, April 12, 2012.

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