Rachel Rochelle

Rachel Rochelle

Rachel is a student intern with Food Assistance for 2007-2008. She has been assisting with the many duties and responsibilites involved in running a food assistance program.

Jane Y. Carlson
Executive Director

Rachel’s Letter - January 2008

My name is Rachel Rochelle, and I am a student at Greensboro College. I am a lifelong Greensboro resident, and I believe strongly in serving as an active member of my community. The Food Assistance/Groceries on Wheels program allows me to give back locally and form meaningful relationships with seniors the area.

I was introduced to Food Assistance through the Greensboro College NC-ACTS program. NC-ACTS (North Carolina Activating Citizenship Through Service) is a part of the AmeriCorps Program that focuses on engaging students to be involved in service to the community.

I became involved with Food Assistance in July of 2007 as part of a community service project. I quickly learned that Food Assistance has much to offer toward my educational goals as well as my personal development. The Food Assistance program complements my college education through its specialized involvement in the health and nutrition of the senior population. Health and nutrition are area’s of study for me at Greensboro College, and I enjoy using the knowledge I have gained to benefit those in need. An important goal of our Groceries on Wheels program is to provide seniors with healthful food choices conjointly with nutritional information to give them the tools they need to enhance their diet.

By making monthly food deliveries to our program participants, I have formed many relationships and helped many families in need. Participants quickly become friends, and my grocery delivery route is the highlight of my experiences here at Food Assistance. The program is personally fulfilling as well as enjoyable and rewarding. I am honored to be part of such a constructive outreach facility, and I look forward to a new year of community service at Food Assistance.

I am an avid runner and marathoner and I am currently using my knowledge of exercise to head Food Assistance’s involvement with the 2008 Human Race. The Human Race is an excellent fundraising opportunity for local non-profits and also a great way to incorporate exercise with sponsorship. Food Assistance hopes to raise $3,000 for the upcoming Human Race to benefit our program participants. By donating to the Human Race through Food Assistance, you can help our program grow and succeed in the upcoming fiscal calendar. I will be running in the March 15 road race to raise awareness for our needs as a partnership. Please join me as a runner, walker or donator to help fight hunger and poverty.

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