Sarah Burch

Sarah Burch

I moved to Greensboro from Raleigh 10 months ago to start a Master’s Degree in Nutrition at UNCG. I first became aware of Food Assistance, Inc., when Jane Carlson came to speak to our Community Nutrition class about her organization. As soon as I heard Jane talk, I knew I wanted to volunteer for her. As part of our coursework, we were required to choose an organization to work for, and for me it was no contest. The work Jane does, and the devotion Jane has for her organization shone through at that very first talk. So, I began my volunteer hours on a chilly winter day, this past February.

So far, I have interviewed potential participants, helped with the monthly distribution at the warehouse and worked as a substitute delivery driver.

I have greatly enjoyed meeting food recipients, and this has been my favorite part: connecting with members of the community whose paths would never ordinarily have crossed with mine. Exchanging hellos, sharing conversation and discovering common threads of past experience has made volunteering for FAI more worthwhile than words can say.

Now that my volunteer hours are complete for my class, I am going to continue to volunteer for FAI as a substitute delivery driver.

I have worked with food insecure populations in the past, and have great admiration for those who are doing their best in the most humble of circumstances. The fact that not everyone in our community has access to adequate, nutritious food should concern us all. If I can do my small part by packing grocery bags, or substituting for a delivery driver once a month, then that is a small price to pay for the knowledge that I am engaging as meaningfully as I can with my new community.

Warehouse Address:
3720-A Alliance Drive
Greensboro,  NC  27407-2391
Mailing Address:
102 Kirk Road
Greensboro,  NC  27455-1715
Phone: 336-988-8899
Email: foodassistance@hotmail.com
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