Telling the Stories….

So many seniors in our community are facing challenging circumstances with strength, resilience and dignity – and their stories need to be told. We also want to share the stories of our volunteers and what impact these relational connections have one you.

Our friends, volunteers and supporters need to understand the kinds of circumstances that lead people to seek assistance for deliveries from our outreach, and the programs and policies that are necessary to help people make ends meet. You value work that’s being done straight from the individuals who are affected, as well as the dedicated people who are on “the front lines” and making personal connections with those in need every day.

Thank you for being willing to help with this important effort. If you, as a volunteer or a client, agree to talk with someone from FAI you’ll be asked to (sign a release) so your story can be shared – in communications like our website or Facebook. You will only be identified by your first name.

It is important to make sure conversation happens at a time that is convenient to the participant to meet at your home and take the time to get to know each other.

The questions the interviewer (volunteers) asks will vary from person to person, depending on their personal circumstances, but some of the kinds of questions you might be asked are:


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